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  • At 2014.06.22 05:03, Linda N said:

    Vegetarian pasta and lasagna are easy to make and pretty cheap. If you really want lasagna, just without the meat, ask your mom to leave a section for you that is filled with a little extra cheese and maybe some veggies, like mushrooms or tomatoes.

    Making your own vegetarian pasta is another cheap and healthy option. Try this veggie fettuccine Alfredo recipe.

    All you need is a bag of any style pasta that you like (such as bow tie or angel hair), a can of Alfredo sauce, and a bag of any type of frozen veggies that you like. ( I normally use frozen peas and mushrooms, but any kind of veggies are fine.)

    Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Cover it with the lid to help speed up the process. Add desired amount of pasta. (It may be a good idea to cook a lot now, then enjoy the leftovers later.)

    Cook pasta until it is tender. A good test is to throw a piece against the wall, then if it sticks it’s done and ready to eat. (I didn’t believe this tip until I saw a friend do it and realized that this actually works fairly well.)

    Drain the pasta, carefully. Run cold water in the sink as you do this, in order to prevent damaging the sink, but without running it over the pasta. Next, add desired amount of sauce and veggies. Stir well.

    Hope you enjoy this cheap and easy vegetarian dinner recipe!

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    Linda N

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